Who We Are!

We have collected a team of independent writers to perform broad reviews of the products and services that we have selected. This team is directed to review the products that we have selected, that are the most in-demand products in their categories. There is no direction provided as to what they should say or how they should say things. We want to help consumers make good decisions about the products that suit their own needs.

We do provide links for our visitors to purchase the products that we review. If you find our reviews helpful, please click on the 'buy' buttons for these products. We do earn a commission on the sale of many of the products that we review. We offer multiple links for each product, and not every link will earn a commission for us. We want to help you make good decisions about your purchasing decisions.

Our Reviewers

Fully Independent

The team at High Peak Media has developed a unique approach to reviewing products and has built the team of independent reviewers for ReviewShoppers. High Peak Media's client base includes some well-known media brands including; Inc Magazine, Observer, the US Chamber of Commerce and Univision.

The leaders of High Peak Media have run operations, audience, product and content strategies for some well know on-line brands including TheStreet.com and many of the properties in the company formerly known as TechMediaNetwork.

High Peak Media

Content & Audience Strategy

We drive change from within: Our work is about fixing and growing established business, and launching new ones. We help big companies pivot and act fast, and small companies realize their potential to grow big.

A constellation of diverse talent: We are experienced creators and operators who’ve built and run top consumer brands. Our team of media execs, entrepreneurs, creatives and strategists approach every engagement as if our client's business were our own.

Vaudeville Ventures

Project Management & Strategy